1. Place Your Order

Fresh produce begins with a simple phone call. Call 609-561-1189 when you are ready to place your order.

2. We acquire the produce necessary

Ferets Fresh Cuts sources fresh, high quality food from our suppliers across the United States.

Did you know? Ferets Fresh Cuts frequently audits our suppliers to ensure they are meeting our strict quality standards.

3. We freshly prepare the produce to your specifications

The produce for your order is thoroughly washed and inspected, before being prepared to meet your specifications ensuring uniform quality throughout the entire order.

4. Freshly cut produce is delivered to your business

After the produce has been prepared, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. After this, it is packaged and delivered to your business!

Only the best quality is our promise to you.

The Freshest Cuts since 2011

Ferets Fresh Cuts began in the year 2011 with four core values. We still operate today on the principles we were founded on.

We source the freshest produce available.

Ferets Fresh Cuts takes great pride in ensuring we source the freshest produce available, to meet your needs.

Our products are of the Highest Quality.

All of our products are subject to stringent quality control measures multiples times throughout our process. Anything less than excellent is rejected.

Our products are the best value for purchase.

Ferets Fresh Cuts ensures our products are the best value for the money, making your purchasing decisions easy!

We ensure food integrity at every step.

Ferets Fresh Cuts treats our resources with respect, from harvesting to disposal - ensuring responsible resource managment throughout the process.

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